Biennale in the City, Resonance

La Métropole de Saint-Étienne — ©Caterin

The Biennale has spread all over the city, and even outside the city of Saint-Étienne, to be closer to everyone. Museums, shops, restaurants, performance and cultural institutions: every place is adorned with the colors of the Biennale to show their support.

Museum of Art and Industry

Sell everything, be everywhere. Casino

How did Casino, the first french family grocery store, adapt itself to the changes in trade and end up becoming an international group? The exhibition focuses on the centralized organization of the company in all its sectors of activity. Throughout its history, a whole reflection on the evolution of trade and consumer practices that will be presented.

Puits Couriot / Parc-musée de la mine (Mine Museum)

Mine in series

The exhibition is dedicated to explain what makes a "series" in the world of the mine. Photographs, models, lamps, fossils, and other media are used to answer one question: is a series the sum of identical objects? Educational and fun, the exhibition is suitable for all audiences.

La Serre

Saison 5 - exposition de Simon Feydieu

Graduated from ENSBA (Lyon School of Fine Arts), Simon Feydieu is working on the production of a series of mirror works, which takes into account the plants and the natural light of the place. His intervention questions the ornamental purposes of the plant pattern that he confronts with the orthonormal and repetitive pattern of industrial locksmithing.

La Serre - salle des cimaises

Face to face

This is the moment of face-to-face. Three personalities, three approaches that question the mirror with lightness, irreversibility, sensitivity, at the same time and in the same space. A tribute to Persée...

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Saint-Étienne Métropole

Design and Wondrous - The Nature of Ornementation

From representations of natural forms to the re-creation of natural growth processes by digital tools, the exhibition relates the recent history of design, between nature and structure, between vegetal and ornamental. The exhibition brings together more than one hundred works, - design objects, photographs, engravings, fabrics, natural specimens, etc. - which are divided into different sections: Nature as ornamentation, Fractals, Arabesques, Ornamentation and the digital sphere, the Wondrous and Evanescence. At the heart of the exhibition, a cabinet of curiosities highlights the connections between natural history and design through various specimens, artefacts and photographs.

The Massenet Conservatoire

The Massenet Conservatoire, laboratory and observatory of the musical cultures expressed on the territory, offers an original creation of the composer Sébastien Gaxie. At the end of 18 months of residency, he proposes a fresco of the territory where video, theatre and contemporary music mingle to give us a vision both unique and familiar of the territory.

Site le Corbusier - Firminy

Exhibition La Luce - Saint-Pierre Church

Dedicated to the creations of Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand, in collaboration with the Italian luminaries NEMO, the exhibition La Luce allows to understand the research and design around the light, an element cherished by these two geniuses of architecture and design who have marked the history of the twentieth century. Creations, archival documents, photographs, drawings and sketches are put in perspective with the architectural work of the designers.


The Public Urban Planning Organization of Saint-Étienne (EPASE), spearheading the renewal of the creative district on which Cité du design is located, is a partner of this Biennale. As part of the event, it proposes observation tours of the city's transformation, conferences on the Saint-Roch district around the "Fabrique de la Ville", and ground-level activations in the neighbourhood of Gare de Châteaucreux, as well as the development of the site Gare Carnot.

Banc d'essai

3rd edition, call for projects to experiment street furniture

The objective is to try out with the general public in different strategic locations in the Saint-Etienne district urban objects, furniture and services that offer new urban usages for working, meeting and taking a break in the city. After these tests in the public space, an expert committee made up of designers and the city's technical department will draw up an observation report and provide feedback on the use made of these objects to the designers and publishers.

The shops of the city of Saint-Étienne

The shops of the city of Saint-Étienne are also honored with a focus on the winners of previous editions of the Commerce Design contest. Shops are also invited to take the colors of the Biennale and initiatives are also scheduled with the public (home designers, workshops, etc.)

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Design and Wondrous

The Nature of Ornementation

Until April 21st 2019 at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Saint-Etienne Métropole. From representations of natural...


From Mar 21 to Apr 22