ME - YOU - NOUS, Designing Common Ground

A Biennale for seeing, participating, thinking

...seeing, exhibitions supported by designers, artists and researchers, each around a theme related to major economic, societal...

Beyond the object

Lisa White shows design as a link

What is design today? A table, a train, a cobot? "A community", replied the main curator of the 2019 Biennale. « On the...


Resurrecting the Sublime


Design in Tech

Carte blanche to John Maeda

Cité du design – ManufactureFrom early January to the end of March, Cité du design will collaborate with John Maeda, as part of the program Design in Tech...


Thinking of common ground

Cité du design – ManufactureFor this 11th edition, the Biennale will invite Cynthia Fleury, teacher-researcher in political philosophy and psychoanalyst;...


Systems, not Stuff


Biennale in the City, Resonance

The Biennale has spread all over the city, and even outside the city of Saint-Étienne, to be closer to everyone. Museums,...


Design and Wondrous

The Nature of Ornementation

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Saint-Etienne MétropoleUntil April 21st 2019 at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Saint-Etienne Métropole. From representations of natural...

John Maeda's Design in Tech Report 2019

On the 21st of March, John Maeda presented the 5th edition of the Design Tech Report in Saint-Étienne.


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